Services We Provide

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  • Virus removal

Fast, expert locating and removal of all infections without installing unwanted programs. Recommended anti-virus software: Norton Internet Security

  • Boot failures

Boot failures could be an indication that the hard drive is getting weak and needs replacing. In many cases, the hard drive can be “cloned” without data loss or time-consuming re-installation of Windows and programs.

  • DSL/High Speed Internet Connections – Set-up & Troubleshooting

Are you getting the speed you are paying for?

  • Networking – wireless and wired

Routers allow you to share your Internet connection with more than one computer but can be daunting for the average user to set up.

Fast, affordable data recovery even if you accidentally format your hard drive or run System Recovery.

  • Backup solutions

Everyone knows they should, but how many do backup their documents, pictures and music? Backups are inexpensive and automatic with the right hardware and software. Novastor

  • Tutoring

Almost everyone can use a little help using their computer more efficiently. Learn at your level, in your home with a very understanding teacher.

  • Email set-up

Configure email clients such as, Outlook and Outlook Express. Repair Inbox issues and failure to send messages.

  • Reset Windows Passwords – Forgotten

It happens and it can be quickly resolved.

  • Laptop repair

Replace keyboards, LCD screens, hard drives, add RAM.

  • Home Theater troubleshooting

Did someone push the wrong button on the remote and now you can’t hear the TV or DVD? Logitech offers the Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote for your home theater system. Some clients call it  “The Marriage Saver”.

$120 per hour, one hour minimum, 15 minute increments thereafter